Thursday, May 29, 2008

Practical Muscle Building

[NOTE: This post was created before I decided to seriously start blogging about relatively serious subjects, but I think that it might be helpful for some, so I'll leave it here. Apart from that I suspect that one does not need even this kind of training to build muscles. Maybe it's enough to have a healthy diet and to use a technique like self-hypnosis to achieve it. Not sure yet... But the last I heard about Placebo was that it really effects the body's biochemistry, and since the muscles are also made out of some chemicals, it might be possible to build muscles without even using them. Who knows..? Update 2011: Mind over matter: Mental training increases physical strength - Shackell & Standing (2007) North American Journal of Psychology, 9, 189-200. ]

I got my "own" technique to build muscles. I'll probably never write a book or start a website for it, so I decided to reveal it online for the first time here. You can do whatever you want with it...

It's an unusual technique, it might sound ridiculous if you never heard of anything similar. And it also looks ridiculous to spectators sometimes, but it's probably the most direct, practical and efficient way to build muscles.

I did write "own" instead of own because I guess somebody else must have written something about it by now, it can't be a secret. There are already similar techniques around, or the same technique for certain body parts (PC muscles). Maybe I can even say that it is "WHAT THE BODY BUILDING/EXERCISING INDUSTRY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!"... or at least notice, realize... :)

Alright just kidding... It might really be true though...

Anyway I'll cut to the chase:
Simply contract the muscles you choose as much as you want for as long as you want. No weights, no walls or benches, just your mind. No matter where you are or what position you're in... You want stronger arms? Contract your arm muscles, the same with legs, backside, abdomen, fingers etc...

I implemented this method gradually into my life. I first started after I began to take piano lessons I guess. I wanted to be able to exercise my fingers while I'm in the bus, too. So I started to play simple, imaginary melodies on my upper legs while I sat, I was really pressing hard with my fingers against my legs. Then after a while I discovered that I can contract my finger muscles also in the air, it is basically the same thing, just this time the leg too was imaginary.

I also came across an e-book around that time, it's maybe not so appropriate to mention it here but since it further convinced me to keep using this technique I'll do it: The book was basically for men, about multiple ejaculation. :) The idea is to strengthen your PC muscles to have a better control over your body during sex. The same muscle in women also effects their mastery, which was also depicted in the delightful movie called "Shortbus". I still haven't exercised enough to achieve it if you must know, I'm experimenting with sexual abstinence nowadays... So far, I found it promising. :)

Anyway, since you can't tie a weight to "it" -especially harder for women I imagine- you have to control the muscles with your mind. Obviously, if it works with one muscle, it works with them all... I mean yes, it does work. I'm the living proof, I didn't do any push-ups in the last 3 years probably, and I'm not the weakest guy on earth.

Although; I don't care SO much about having a lot of muscles, so even I don't use this technique that regularly. I "exercise" only enough to keep my muscular capacity at a sufficient level to live a healthy, active life. I suppose that's why I couldn't even convince my brother to give up push-ups and stuff. But I guarantee you that it works, just try it. Why shouldn't it work anyway!?

This is also what these electronic muscle building devices make your body do I guess. I haven't got the chance to try any of them. But I assume that they send the necessary signals to your muscles to contract, so that you don't have to use your own brain for it.

All in all it makes my life a lot easier, I recommend it. But I guess you should still do some stretching exercises if you want to remain somewhat fit. Muscle mass isn't everything, and I'm not sure if "stretching" without really stretching is possible.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any suggestions, questions, critique etc...
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