Friday, July 4, 2008

About (Beta)

Since the beginning, I was planning to post something which defines my position and the purpose of these blogs, explains why I chose these titles. I began blogging more or less in a hurry, it wasn't really an organized attempt and what ought to be the first blog entry, an introduction to my world, never appeared.

Now, I just sent a message to someone, it sort of goes in that direction. I plan to create a more detailed, proper entry about this, but this should do it for now:

" ...I used to be someone who would have also reacted by saying "I'm an artist, so I lose myself in my own world" . But things have changed for me, that's why I'm trying to contact people like you -like former me- instead of joining a forum somewhere...

You see, I also don't give a shit about others as long as I can comfortably live in my own world. My plan was to enjoy losing myself in that world, while I'm also benefiting from all kinds of social, scientific advancements, which I took for granted.

The thing is, since I love living -and losing myself in my own world-, I also prefer to live as long and as healthy as possible, and through future scientific research I hope that the current limits of life expectancy will be far exceeded in our lifetime. I don't believe in afterlife, so I'll try to keep this one for as long as possible.

So far so good, that was still a part of the old artist-me. I would just wait for the advancements to come and enjoy my life.

What happened was I somehow got skeptical about what's really going on on this planet and began researching all kinds of "truths". Needless to say, it should be clear by now, many significant things turned out to be extremely wrong.

This revelation made it clear to me that my future won't be as easy as I imagined it to be and that it's delusional to believe that the humanity will keep advancing at this point no matter what. So there is a great risk of a huge decrease in our life quality in the future. I just can't afford to keep ignoring others' problems because overtime they'll all effect me in some way. The only way to ensure a fantastic future for myself is to do my best to ensure a fantastic future for everbody on this planet.

I was 100% percent apolitical in the past (until January 08), now it's sort of the opposite.

I'm not going to force you to reconsider anything, but I'll only say it's hard to know the truth while you're living in your own world, no matter how super-smart you are...

And one more thing, that truth is much more exciting than you can imagine and it's a lot of fun to deal with. :)
But that's my personal opinion. I enjoy my "new life", I don't think it'll be the same for everybody though. Yet I can assist you, if you ever change your mind... "

And a small addition to clarify the purpose of the blogs a little further, ConDeve is about my personal development through all kinds of information, while ConSelf deals with the results of the information I gather, how I use them to effect the world around me... They're both babies still, and the distinction isn't all that clear, but that was the idea basically.


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