Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Mom

My mother just sent me this, I wonder what she wants to say:

I wouldn't have found it as entertaining if I were still living with my mom. :) But right now, I thought it was well made. She's still being irrational sometimes though, at least I can ignore her nowadays...

P.S. The lyrics are apparently created by a comedian named Anita Renfroe but the Northland Church folks definitely communicate it much more efficiently. She describes this condition depicted in that song in another video like this: ...I thought I was going to be the cool mom, the one who never said all that stuff... Something happens in your brain and you become this machine of Compulsive Counsel Disorder where you have to say these things all the time... Then you hear it coming out of your mouth, it's like slow motion and you can't stop it.

I found that interesting. And then there is also The Dad Song of course... Fair enough I guess... :)


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