Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Brzezinskis

How much do you know about Zbigniew Brzezinski?

I know less than I'd like to know, and he's just gotten a little more interesting for me.

I only knew about the father Brzezinski, nowadays he's Obama's foreign policy advisor. It turns out there is more to that name: One of his sons, Mark, was an advisor to Clinton, to John Kerry and now he's working together with his father for Obama. And recently Zbigniew's other son, Ian, was an advisor to McCain on foreign policy, apparently. Either they're a family with seriously differing political views, or they strive to have some control on what happens on this planet and they'll work with anyone to make that happen. Who doesn't want control, right..? I think the second is more likely since Zbigniew has advised McCain in 2000, too.

And also interestingly his daughter is "the woman who wouldn't cover the Paris Hilton story". She's also having a hard time when she's reporting on certain political issues due to her family members' involvement apparently: Mika Brzezinski asked if McCain is "the perfect candidate" without disclosing that her brother advises him / McCain Accuses Mika of Backing Obama

Anyway I think Zbigniew is a smart guy, but I'm not sure if that's really a good thing. Unlike most others on the political scene, I find myself agreeing with many things that he says (I also tend to agree with some of the things the other "internationalists" say you see...). But I can't truly be sure of his true intentions or true motivations when he says those things, he's certainly not the most transparent person after all. That's another story though and I'll need to do a deeper research. Maybe so should you too... especially google what he says in his books and interviews, it might reveal some interesting information.

P.S. Advisor or Adviser? Another US/UK thing apparently. We still couldn't sort these things out in the year 2009, humans are indeed slow.


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